Children learn through play


The Early Education Centre (TEEC) runs a range of early childhood development programmes.

These programmes work with young children, their parents or other primary caregivers and educators in early childhood centres with the aim of improving the early learning and development of young children.

Programmes and services we can offer include:

  • School holiday programmes that provide vulnerable young children with care, nutrition and educational activities;
  • Playgroups in the community for children without access to any form of early childhood education;
  • Skills development for teachers to assist ECD centres to improve the quality of services they provide to the children in their care and the wider community;
  • Governing body training to enhance the skills of principals, teachers, governing body members and ECD forum members who are responsible for managing ECD facilities;
  • Provision of Education Equipment and training on its effective useto ensure a quality early learning environment;
  • Assist ECD centres with registration as a partial care facility with the Provincial Department of Social Development and accessing the ECD subsidy to become sustainable;
  • Assist registered ECD centres to remain compliant with minimum standards and implement strategies that provide young children with age-appropriate programs and preparation for future learning;
  • Parent education and training workshops to empower parents to support informal learning in the home as well as targeting specific early childhood development topics and challenges faced by parents, families and community members.

Please contact us if you would like more information or we can assist you to improve the early childhood experiences of young children.