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Character Building Holiday Programme – September 2016

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A group of 6o plus children from the age 3 to 16 years joined the Character Building Holiday Programme with the focus on Sport during the October school break. The Programme allows vulnerable young children to experience being a child, to rise above their circumstances and develop their character to that which is acceptable in a functional society.

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Different art and game activities was set out to assist children to develop their eye-hand co-ordination, fine (playdough, cutting, drawing etc…) and gross motor skills as well as working in groups.


Children coached and supported by Maties Sport Coaches


Volunteers from De Kuilen High School and Reddam House, Somerset west

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The Theme for the October Character Building Holiday Programme was Sport so that Children can experience the different Sport codes with the hope of participating in a sports code at their respective school as well as to keep their bodies physically fit in order to have a healthy life – style.

Thanks to the support of Maties Sport’s, co-ordinator Ms Juanita Muller who arranged to feed, stimulate and collect 60 children from Cloetesville for a day. She was supported by Maties Coaches as well as Coaches from Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport.

Children was exposed to Stellenbosch University’s Sports Institute of centre and had an opportunity to experience being on the cricket and rugby fields, gymnasium, hokey turf as well as gaining tips on swimming by actually swimming with coaches.

Stellenbosch Municipality feeding and treating children for the remainder of the programme.


  • To host a programme during December holidays
  • Build partnerships with businesses in the Stellenbosch area to support the programme.


Through, we keep children out of mischief, we realize that they receive little or no stimulation, lack love, confidence, self-esteem and have really robbed of just being a child. Another success where it’s highlighted how they yearn for stimulation without being screamed or sworn at. This programme relies on individuals and business to keep it function therefore are extremely grateful for all those who so generously made this Character Building Holiday Programme, namely Sport a success and a memorable one for the children.

Mahatma Gandhi said:” we must be the change we wish to see in the world”


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