Services and programmes

The Early Education Centre (TEEC) runs a range of early childhood development programmes that work with young children, their parents or primary caregivers and educators in early childhood centres. The aim with these programmes are to improve the learning and development of young children.

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Community support

Whichever location we work in we are committed to enrich and uplift that community in whichever way we can. Our vision is to create an enrichment centre for children where parents and the community will benefit from. See how you can help us reach our vision of an enrichment centre.

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“We did work consistently maintaining a high standard for quality and accuracy. All of them are very organised and professional and keep track of every detail and success of our ECD facility.”

Nolene Bergman

“At KKRC – TEEC, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to do my NQF Level 4 in 2020 and NQF Level 5 in 2021. Thank you to the institution, staff, parents and learners.”

Carmen ML Hendricks, NQF L5

“We would gladly recommend TEEC for training as well as their programmes. Since our facility did the TEEC programme we only received good feedback from our primary schools in the Drakenstein area.”

Nolene Bergman, Principal

“They very clearly and succinctly explained the entire registration process and as a result, I knew exactly what to do. Ever since the registration, TEEC has been a phone call away and has always been willing to help. I highly recommend TEEC for those schools that are needing assistance with the registration process.”

Elselina Fusc, Principal

“Ek is dankbaar vir die Here asook jul geduld met my tydens die registrasie proses. Julle was altyd daar vir my gewees, ek kon bel en op jul knoppies druk vir die span se ondersteuning as ek iets nodig gehad het.”

Carol Miller

“I will continue with my studies because this course has not only taught me a lot about myself and others, but has shown me that I am capable of so much more.”


“I would love to start my own partial care facility and assist parents with the holistic development of their children. I’d love to work with special needs children too.”