school holiday program

A Character-Building School Holiday Programme

School holiday programmes allow children to develop social skills, build self esteem, appreciate differences, have fun and enjoy quality child care. The holiday programme also help to improve their physical and mental health by including constructive activities for children. The Early Education Centre (TEEC) recently hosted a Character-Building School Holiday Programme which provides care, nutrition and educational activities to vulnerable young children.

Benefits of school holiday programmes

During school holidays children are exposed to many societal ills including drugs, violence, substance abuse, physical abuse and many more. Parents face many challenges trying to keep their children safe and protected from societal evils, more so during the holiday period. Our aim of these school holiday programmes is to allow children to experience being a child. To rise above their circumstances and develop their character to that which is acceptable in a functional society. These programmes also help keep our children in a safe environment during the holiday period, keeping parents at ease. 

What aspects does a school holiday programme cover?

Some of the things that were covered in TEEC’s recent workshop include, understanding safety, fine and gross motor skills, concentration activities, exercise, good nutrition, and character building stories. Around 84 people attended the TEEC programme, all between the ages of 4-25. The programme included many creative and educational activities. It was held over a period of 5 days starting at 09h00 to14h30. Children engaged in painting, drawing, baking, creating candle-holders, playing board games and puzzles as well as lots of fun outdoor activities. Nutritious foods and snacks were provided throughout the day. For the final hour of each day, staff read character building stories with lessons to the children.

Our philosophy and vision

Our vision at TEEC is to create a safe space for young children to learn through play. We are very passionate about improving the quality of early learning and education of children. At our holiday programmes we aim to keep children safe, stimulated and fed. We strive to make sure the children have good nutrition as children need nutrition to develop and be able to learn. TEEC was also honoured to have Coach Peter Daniels to be a part of our character building programme. Coach Daniels is from the Western Cape Cultural Affairs and Sport.

School holiday programmes help children develop their social, emotional and physical skills. It helps them find their identity, meaning and purpose in life and become contributing members in their communities. Get in touch with TEEC for more information on our education programmes.