Universal children’s day

Universal Children’s Day has been celebrated since 1954 on the 20 November to promote international togetherness, awareness and acknowledge an understanding of children’s rights.

The four core principles of the UN Convention are

  • Non-discrimination: all children have the same right to develop their own potential at all times; e.g. to have access to education regardless of his/her race, religion, gender.
  • Devotion to the interest of the child: government must at all times make proper decisions when budgets are discussed concerning children.
  • The right to life, survival and development: to see that children have access to equal opportunities in order to develop to their full potential.
  • To respect the views of the Child: the voice of the child must be heard and respected in matters concerning them. Consult with children too, when making decisions.

What does this mean?
With rights comes responsibility!