Holiday programme

TEEC operates a Character-Building School Holiday Programme to provide vulnerable young children with care, nutrition and educational activities.
The aim of this programme is to allow children to experience being a child, to rise above their circumstances and develop their character to that which is acceptable in a functional society.

The programme aims to keep children

  • Safe – out of mischief and away from the influences of substance abuse, gangsterism, violence and abuse. It encourages children to make new friends and extend their community networks.
  • Stimulated – by offering activities that develop the whole child: physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual as well as learning skills for life.
  • Fed – one cannot teach a hungry child; children need nutrition to learn and develop especially when the respective Primary Schools feeding schemes in the area are closed during the holidays.

TEEC accepts the philosophy that children find identity, meaning and purpose in life through connections in their community and values that include compassion and treating others appropriately. TEEC’s approach to the holistic development of children seeks to address the physical, emotional, relational, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the child.

Stimulating intellectual development through educational activities that develop young minds is the foundation to any easy transition into formal education, improved educational outcomes and opportunities for employment that will benefit the children in later life. Helping children to be the best person can assist their spiritual development and helps them grow and mature into contributing members of their community.

Activities covered

The stories told covered the following outcomes and would assist the children build their character in the future;

  • “Being the best you can be” – Is there ever a reason not to try ones best, has anyone been teased about something that they are not good at, how did you feel and how did you handle it. We are all different and can never be like someone else, therefore we have to explore what is our purpose
  • “Honesty and Obedience” – To always stop and think and think about the consequences of the choices we make.