Toy library

This service is available during the holiday programme that provides vulnerable young children with care, nutrition and educational activities.

Focus group

Vulnerable children 3 – 9 years extended to 13 years

Objectives of programme

  • The programme aims to develop children holistically and promotes learning through structured play by offering:
  • Safe – out of mischief and away from the many bad elements that they are exposed to on daily basis.
  • Disciplined – through brain integration “PACE” to stop and think before acting.
  • Stimulated – we accept the philosophy that children find identity, meaning and purpose in life
    through connections in their community and values that include compassion and treating others
    appropriately. Our approach to the holistic development of children addresses the physical,
    social, emotional, intellectual, life skills and spiritual aspects of the child.
  • Nutrition – it is also recognized that hungry children cannot learn as effectively as children who enjoy adequate nutrition. Consequently, children are provided with the nutrition required to enhance their learning experience and development. (Breakfast –porridge, midmorning snack –
    fruit and lunch – cooked meal)
  • The school feeding scheme does not operate during school holidays which results in children having little or nothing to eat for the day.


  • To allow children to develop as individuals
  • Rising above the circumstances
  • Aware of safety
  • Develop creatively
  • Teamwork
  • Careers wise

No. of beneficieries

45 – 100


School holidays and week days 08:00 to 16:00 / 09:00 to14:00