The Early Education Centre Youth month story

The Early Education Centre celebrates Youth Month

To celebrate the hard work and success of our youth during this Youth Month, The Early Education Centre (TEEC) would like to share Jasmine’s story. TEEC is a place that aims to build up all people that come through this organisation. TEEC would like to celebrate Jasmine’s growth at the centre and share her story of how she progressed from being a young learner to a proud educator and mother.

Jasmine’s story

Jasmine grew up with her grandparents in the small Klapmuts community outside of Stellenbosch. She matriculated in 2016 and despite societal pressures, decided to take a gap year where she started working at TEEC in 2017. Determined to succeed in life, Jasmine started studying in 2018. Nothing could go wrong as she was well on her way to reaching her goals without any hurdles.

A small hurdle

However, a flower is unable to blossom without a little bit of rain. In 2019 Jasmin fell pregnant. Raising a baby is a challenge on its own, but raising a baby in the midst of a pandemic is an even greater challenge. However she continued to persevere through the pandemic while raising a newborn baby boy. Jasmine continued studying and completed her Level 5 qualification.

However, this flower was not done growing just yet. In 2021, she completed her Diploma despite having to care for her child who underwent two operations during this time. She was able to be a caring mother for her family and a motivated student.

From youth learner to educated educator

Today, 2022, Jasmine is an educated educator, administrator, facilitator and mother. She continues to work at TEEC although her journey and growth is far from over. Her goal is to open a non-profit organisation, toy library and a quality partial care facility in Klapmuts to address the need within her own community.

In terms of her studies, she has created a bucket list: Bachelors in Education, Auxiliary Social Work and completion of a special needs course. A driving quote in Jasmine’s life is: “You don’t choose the circumstances and community you come from, but you can choose the direction you are heading in.”

In conclusion, people tend to think of themselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas they are connected and what they do affects the whole world. When a person does well, it spreads out and it benefits the whole of humanity. TEEC is excited to see how Jasmine’s journey progresses.

The Early Education Centre celebrates all people who strive to improve their life through education. Contact TEEC to grow and learn as a child, parent or educator.