Valentine’s day with The Early Education Centre

Valentine’s day with The Early Education Centre

Valentines Day falls on the 14th of February every year. And every year February is dubbed as the month of love. It has become a day for expressing love between couples, family members, and friends. Traditions include leaving chocolates, flowers, gifts, and acts of appreciation between friends. For The Early Education Centre (TEEC), and other NPOs, who often struggle to raise funds it is used as a time to shine a light on important social issues in areas that need help.  


South Africa is a country that carries massive collective trauma. The country struggles with issues related to gender-based violence, institutionalised racism, corruption, and load-shedding. Yet, despite this, many rose up and remain united through the philosophical concept of ubuntu.

From the languages of Zulu and Xhosa, the broad English definition is – “a quality that includes the essential human virtues of compassion and humanity”. In modern South Africa it’s used as a phrase for the spirit of togetherness. It symbolises the ability of a community to work together towards a common goal. What better time to celebrate this togetherness, than the month of love.

Work done by TEEC

TEEC is an enrichment centre for the community and is a safe space for young children to learn through play. They support educators with their parenting ideologies and help build on existing skills and strengths. With this support they promote positive early learning development outcomes for children. Additionally, they enhance the skills and knowledge of unskilled childcare practitioners, and aim to improve the quality of early childhood programmes.

For Valentines Day, TEEC celebrated by having the kids dress up in the month of love theme. They got to enjoy sweet treats and celebrate love in all forms with their friends and teachers. 

TEEC is only able to support the early education of so many young children and assist families to develop effective parenting skills through the generous support of its donors. Thank you to all the individuals and the companies who have lovingly sponsored and supported us in the past.

The Early Education Centre relies on help from the communities they are situated in as well as donations for income. If you want to help there are different ways, visit our website to find out how